Our Process

sometimes you have to see it to believe it

A Case Study

Originally built in 1988, this renovation highlights some of Alpine’s collaborative and visionary talents. Bought by a developer looking to redesign the house to feel custom yet meet the needs of different potential buyers, this home’s before and after pictures highlight what’s possible when we work to build your dream home.

Dubbed the pink palace because of the pink stone throughout, this home was not only dated, but required significant repairs to make it structurally sound. Squirrels had eaten through the insulation in the attic and replaced them with pine cones, causing the house to have numerous leaks. Where some might see difficulty, Alpine saw this as an opportunity to collaborate and build something outstanding and modern.

Sitting down with the developer, Alpine worked through multiple layers of design to completely renovate the home – including an entire redesign of the front of the house, adding square footage and re-engineering each space of the home with an eye toward how a new home owner could use the space.


Before renovation, this home felt closed in and didn’t take advantage of the backdrop of beautiful Beaver Creek. Working with the architect and designer, Alpine added a vaulted glass ceiling and the strategically placed windows to make this home more contemporary with an easy, open feel. Alpine also extended the outdoor space and made a cozy outdoor living space that was accessed off the family’s main living room. The open floor-plan in the kitchen was constructed to entertain and feel inclusive.

Every step of the way, Alpine’s team worked to meticulously craft a stellar product and add design elements they knew would work maximize the developer’s investment. Where sometimes it’s hard to see the ultimate vision, Alpine brings together experience, creativity and attention to real life living to bring projects to their ultimate fruition.